Verdant Parklands
4 Distinct Parklands will be specially created and landscaped to give that True Country Living Experience

Forest Park: Planted with specially selected tropical hardwood trees; the Forest Park greets you with its magnificent tall trees as you pass through our Resort’s Entrance Pavilion
Layer Park: Made up of 4 structured layers; the Layer Parks is lined with Bucida Molineti
Linear Parks I,II,III,IV and V: 5 inter-connected Linear Parks with a combined length of approximately over 1.3 km. 

These 5 Linear Parks will house
- Approximate 2.5 km dedicated jogging / bicycle track
- cascading waterway
- children’s playground
- BBQ area
- outdoor gym
- specially selected plants to line the banks leading to the water way
Central Park:

- Central Areas for Games / Activities / Exercise
- Children's Playground
- Basketball Courts
- Futsal Court
- Pavilion
- Cabana